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Gerry Cauley Meets with Hawaiian Electric Company and Stakeholders to Discuss Power Grid Resilience Plans

Prevention of catastrophic events is not always feasible, but when it comes to energy and electrical resources, Gerry Cauley of Siemens Energy Business Advisory is busy developing ways to plan for better grid resilience and the ability to recover from such events. In July of this year, Gerry Cauley participated in the first of six meetings with Hawai’i Electric […]

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Gerry Cauley of Siemens Participates in IEI CEO Roundtable on Innovations in Energy

The Institution for Electric Innovation (IEI) recently held a meeting in Philadelphia, PA, where they invited top executives and leadership from technology and power companies to participate in their annual roundtable. Institution for Electric Innovation’s members represents 70% of the U.S. electric and power sector. Gerry Cauley, Principal Consultant in the Pace Global – Energy Business […]

Gerry Cauley Siemens Energy Business Advisory

Gerry Cauley Joins Siemens Energy Business Advisory in Fairfax, VA

Gerry Cauley is a Principal Consultant in the Pace Global – Energy Business Advisory group within Siemens. Recently, he was named Head of the Strategy and Planning Practice. His work is focused on the integration of emerging technologies, including renewables, distributed energy resources, and digital technologies. Advising energy companies on mitigation of extreme risk events, resilience, […]